Pure magic. 

Ballerina Girl cultivates the imagination above all else.

Utilizing improvisation and outside the box antics, fairytales are seamlessly woven into ballet pantomime as tutus twirl, princesses play, mermaids frolic, butterflies flit and dreams dance. Through the marriage of movement, music and narration, Ballerina Girl creates a uniquely interactive birthday experience that is a clever nod to all things childhood. 


Who's that girl?  

My name is Carrie and I am the creator of Ballerina Girl.

Dancing since the tender age of three and teaching a niche of early childhood ballet for nearly 15 years now, the arts have long welcomed my whimsical bent. I am a purveyor of make-believe with an unmistakably playful persona.

Speaking of birthdays, mine falls on something called the cusp of magic. While I am no astrological buff, what I can tell you is this: my whole life has been strangely permeated by the stuff of moonbeams and magic. In this way, Ballerina Girl is an exploration of a seemingly faraway realm, that carefree and uninhibited space of childhood. This space is wildly impulsive and full of possibility. Perhaps it explains why I was born under these stars and why it's here that I choose to dwell . . . in that happy, shining place right on the cusp of magic.